Kathleen Boyd, MFT
(707) 694-2844
1434 Third Street Suite 2D
Napa, CA
Whom I serve

If you or someone in your family is suffering from anxiety, depression, ADHD or behavioral problems, I am here to help. I work with children, adolescents, adults and families to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety and anger and help restore the balance in life. 

Sometimes we can get stuck seeing the world through "dark colored glasses". 
Sometimes depression or anxiety can prevent us from successfully interacting with those we love. Sometimes these feelings can block us from achieving all we are capable of.

I focus on symptom reduction, family interactions and changing the way problems are viewed. I focus on problem solving and provide both brief and long term therapy.

Children: I provide play therapy, including sandplay, art therapy, and puppet play. Children love to come to visit "the play office". I work with the family when the client is a child as the family has a rich knowledge of the child and can work toward change outside of the session with my guidance. I provide homework as needed (and wanted) and give practical parenting advice based on your child and your lifestyle. I use strength based counseling and build on the positive aspects of your family system. 

Adolescents: I work well with teens. Adolescence is such a powerful time of transition and can be difficult to weather, yet it is such a time of possibilities, of growth and change. Sometimes teens feel emotions so much more strongly than adults and at times feel so alone. Sometimes frustrations, inner turmoil and confusion can emerge as anger or moodiness. I work with teens exploring alternate ways of viewing their lives. I support them in finding a way to remain true to their selves while interacting successfully with society and their family. 

Adults: I have a great deal of experiencing in working with adults. I work with those going through a difficult period in their lives, feeling depressed, anxious or experiencing psychotic symptoms. I work toward building stronger coping skills and better relationships. I can put things into perspective and find ways of coping with overwhelming feelings. 

Diversity: I am LGBT friendly. I have experience working with gay, bisexual and lesbian teens and adults. I welcome all ethnicities

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